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IKEs work day 10-24-2013
20131024-A pond reflection

Great Day for some cleanup!

20131024-B painting sign

The Entrance Sign gets a touchup.

20131024-C log cutter

A fallen tree is converted to firewood.

20131024-D ready to work

Yep, ready to do some work.

20131024-E chippers

Much of the brush removed was chipped.

20131024-F workers hauling brush

The pond has less brush around it than before.

20131024-G removing brush

There was lots of brush to move.

20131024-H happy worker

Yep, I'm happy. Now for a walk.

20131024-I hiking along

So walking they went.

20131024-J crossing bridge

Had to cross the bridge of course.

20131024-K crossing bridge

More bridge crossing.

20131024-L walking thru mud

Some take the path less travelled.

20131024-M Tom Watson

The destination? Burgers and Brats!