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(CC = Dwight Lydell Chapter Conservation Center located at 5641 Myers Lake Ave. NE, Belmont, MI)
Mailing address: Izaak Walton League, P.O.Box 542, Belmont, MI 49306

Board Meetings

All board meetings will be held the 2nd Tuesday of the month. They will be at the lodge and begin at 7PM. In case of excessive snow, an alternate location will be announced.

Some special dates of interest!
4/15 (Saturday) Fly Fishing Workshop at the IKEs 10am-2pm
4/20 ( Thursday) Fish & Game Dinner
4/29 (Saturday)Bear Creek Water Fest at Townsend Park
5/6, 5/13, 5/20, 5/27 (Saturdays) Kids Fishing, Native Plants 10am-3pm
5/6 Calvin’s Native Plant Sale
5/11 Steak Dinner, Annual Meeting and short program at the IKEs.
5/23 Bear Creek Volunteer Study, Cannon Township
6/10 Sat. Fix-up, clean-up day 9am until ???
6/24 Summerfest family day, 10am to 3pm
7/15 Native Plants for Everyone at the IKEs Teardrop Island
7/26-7/28 IKEs Annual Convention, Sandusky, Ohio
8/17 (Thursday Chicken and Ribs Dinner at the IKEs
9/16 Saturday, Fix-up, clean-up day, 10am to ???
10/4 Wednesday, Chili cook-off and pot luck.
11/9 Thursday, game dinner at the IKEs
12/7 Thursday, Holiday celebration... location to be determined.